About Us

Amber's Barkery is an all natural bakery for dogs.

Many brands of commercial dog treats are filled with preservatives, which help to extend their shelf life however, can be harmful to dogs. In addition, store bought treats are often made from fillers and by-products as opposed to natural and high quality ingredients.

At Amber's Barkery we provide dogs and dog owners with delicious and healthy gourmet treats, that are not only nutritious but are also free of unhealthy additives. Our undecorated treats contain no added sugar, corn, salt or artificial preservatives or flavours.

Amber's Barkery combines natural and fresh ingredients with amazing flavour and fun. Our treats are handcrafted and can accommodate any dietary restrictions your pup may have. All orders are baked fresh and for your pup.


Diver is the reason I began baking my own dog treats. When she was around 9/10 she developed allergies to some of the stuff in regular treats. She inspired me to pay attention to not only what I was eating but what she was eating as well. Diver lived a long and healthy life and left our family in October of 2012. A lot of the recipes have the Diver Stamp of Approval.


Brisco is the CEO of Quality Control. She takes her role as taste tester very seriously. Not a batch of dog treats are made in the kitchen without her helping and testing them to ensure the treats are up to her high standards and discerning palette.

Baked with love in our all natural family-owned bakery just for pups!

Baked with love in our all natural family-owned bakery just for pups!


My name is Amber and I am the Owner and Baker of Amber's Barkery. Combining two of my loves, baking and dogs, Amber's Barkery offers healthy dog treats that are not only nutritious but also delicious. I take my time with developing new recipes and love creating new treats and desserts for pups.


Steven is not just Amber's Barkery Delivery Boy anymore. He is also baking. Although don't worry, most of Amber's Barkery deliveries are done by Steven so he gets all the puppy love.